Ulrich Burggraf

abril 6, 2014


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Good reasons to build up trainer competence depends fundamentally from one another quality and qualification company. Companies are more successful if they regularly train your staff. In-house training provide the employees best, what is important for the company. But the key skills are missing many entrepreneurs to conduct their own training successfully and sustainably. The aim of many training measures is to close gaps in knowledge of the employees, to strengthen their own skills and to bring them up to date. A competent employee who dominates not only his job, but also to introduce business and process knowledge knows, is a technically good employees.

The employees and managers are required this much, and their professional and personal skills comprise the quality of products and services of the company. To matching in a changing market environment, constantly changing products and many But many corporate innovations arise business processes. These have conveyed so to speak to employees and executives they need to come on the latest knowledge. Only who knows these improvements and to implement them, can bring its skills. Many business owners faced with this need. You know, that whole life literally consists of learning.

You want that your employees are competent and flexible knowledge. You wish that the knowledge of the employees with the company grows. But them missing a vital skill: namely to train their own staff with own training. For this reason, they use external educational institutions and rely on their professional ability. However, external training measures are most cost – and time-intensive. They can convey only difficult internal corporate knowledge. Success and growth-oriented entrepreneurs have long recognized, that they even didactic and pedagogical skills need. You need the right tools and techniques, to bring corporate Know-How to the employees. They know that they are experts in their Division, but lack trainer expertise and educational skills. Large companies have set up their own training centres for this reason, which is not of course possible to the medium-sized companies», commented Ulrich Burggraf, certified trainer and consultant BTB and founder of simplylive consulting.