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TV Buying Guides

diciembre 29, 2014


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Tips on choosing a TV set (size, receiver, technology, 3D TVs) we look at the today’s advertising leaflets of the well-known multimedia businesses, so will confuse more and more. Technical terms, such as LCD, plasma, «HD ready», say «Full HD» or DVB-T little law a layman. You can rely on the advice of a seller here, of course, but often is advised also wrong. Therefore, it is important to deal with the main concepts. 1) correct size for the TV the seat pitch is decisive for the size of the TV. In a 20 m, living room is going to choose a TV size other than in a room with 40 m. Generally there are some formulas you can use to determine a corresponding diagonal, it is recommended but on-site to test the TV. This should best before home measure the seat pitch and with a guide or rule armed don’t be afraid the way into a multimedia business.

Only if the TV in the store will it later at home. As a rule of thumb, a TV with 40 to 42 inches should be chosen for a seat pitch between 3 and 4 metres. 2.) integrated receiver (DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S) who has a cable connection at home, but has no cable receiver, should look to may for televisions with an appropriate integrated cable receiver. Here, the abbreviation is specified DVB-C. It is important to have that analog television is set in the next few years a receiver for digital cable TV… Appropriate modules are marked also in TV for satellite (DVB-S) and terrestrial television (DVB-T).

Here to save so the purchase a receiver and also took place in the living room wall. 3.) plasma or LCD? Should be considered in this decision that a «branding» of the images is possible with the plasma TV. Particularly in the permanent system of consoles, this is expected. Therefore, an LCD TV should be chosen better. 4.) 3D TVs, or would you prefer ordinary LCD TV? 3D content are clearly on the rise. Who wants to go with the trend, should consider buying a 3D. Appropriate models are already available in 1000 euro. Note but here is that getting a 3D glasses (active eyewear or sunglasses) is necessary. This is for many users a.) annoying and b.) expensive. Because the appropriate shutter glasses are not included in sufficient numbers included to enjoy 3D TV with the whole family. For the future, but be expected that even 3D TVs without glasses will be brought out and affordable. Furthermore, today very few content in 3D are available. 5.) with or without an Internet connection? Who would like to access with the TV on various selected portals like YouTube, like, should note that the TV has a LAN connection or alternatively via a Wi-Fi card. Thus this content through the connection can be to your home network to retrieve and display on the TV. The future belongs to the Televisions with Internet.