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Misleading Food Labels: Gouda Says Is Not Always Gouda In

abril 6, 2014


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Conditionally through education portals like Foodwatch and increasing political pressure on the authorities is fighting increasingly to put product up for food. «The higher administrative Court of North Rhine-Westphalia recently had about as Gouda» designated product to decide which was however filled with melted cheese. The Court considers the name Gouda»for the product as misleading. Under those provisions, is it prohibited, inter alia, food under the misleading label, to bring specification or design professional on the market, which in particular is appropriate labels, specifications, put up, representations or other statements about properties that, when a food to the deception used in particular about art, nature, composition, quantity, durability, origin, origin or method of production. This starting predominant for the used present speaks according to the judge the product «Gouda» name It is suitable for the deception of consumers. The defendant company could not convincingly prove that Gouda is the filling.

So are cheese, which should be positioned as Gouda see certain standard varieties on the market, provided additional requirements arising from the Appendix 1 to section 7 of the regulations on cheese (KaseV). They relate to the production, quality and other properties (exterior, Interior, smell and taste), which must comply with the type. Is a product a standard variety specified, without this type of standard requirements are met according to the regulations on cheese, a misleading within the meaning of 11 para 1 is LFGB, according to the Court. This starting a misleading of the consumer be given, because the name of the product «Gouda» («2 meat-free fillets stuffed with Gouda») the impression what opinion of the Court on the basis of a report of a land survey Office not awake, as the product (only) with Gouda would be filled, should correspond to the facts. The result was the undertaking concerned the product with the creamy cheese filling banned, as Gouda»to refer to. Other non-binding and free information relating to food law, see