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IT-Systemhaus CEMA Grows Further

abril 7, 2016


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«New CEMA location Nuremberg in November started as nationwide tenth location of the IT service provider CEMA goes CEMA Nuremberg early November» at the start. Thus, the nationwide IT company consistently continues its expansive growth and takes into account the high demand for IT services in the region. In addition to the classic portfolio of CEMA services related to IT-networks and IT infrastructures in companies, which includes also virtualization and cloud solutions, IT consulting and strategy consulting is offered focused. Nuremberg is regarded as one of the 10 major economic areas in Germany and is characterized by numerous medium-sized technology experts and research institutions. With over 7,000 companies, the information and communication technology sector is the most important in the metropolitan region; Nuremberg is about as European market research centre and occupies a leading position in the automation technology. Nuremberg is international trade fair and Congress square, other strong industries are about energy, Metal processing and services.

A separate site here complements of CEMA’s growth strategy», says Thomas Steckenborn, CEO and founder of CEMA. In addition to the sites located south in Germany Frankfurt, Mannheim, Stuttgart and Munich, we are now also on-site at the customers in Franconia. And although increasingly much virtualized or cloud operated short distances and enormous advantages and success factors are the direct contact with the customer in the project.» CEMA is represented in Nuremberg first with a four-man team, which is expected to grow continuously along the lines of the other CEMA sites. My focus is to build a sustainable customer loyalty through powerful services and solutions and advice», says Gunter Muhloder, Managing Director of the CEMA Nuremberg. The native Franke has worked almost 25 years of experience in the IT business for leading IT service providers and manufacturers and can draw on extensive experience in the area of technology-related consulting. The service portfolio of the CEMA offers an excellent starting position, to serve the strong medium-sized market of the metropolitan area.» Here it comes not primarily, to provide the customers with ever new hardware and software. In particular in the field of business consulting, Muhloder sees great potential.

The needs of the companies is here! Increasingly important, the question is now, how IT can effectively support the business processes and what you want to afford the environment years in 5-10″, so Muhloder. Here, entrepreneurial issues or aspects of business development come to fruition. IT is to the success of the company. We’re here as a coach of the company now to set the course. With the corresponding technological background, the CEMA offers.» Closely networked at any time the new team from Nuremberg can rely on the know-how of the 215 colleagues from the entire group. Because since the founding of the CEMA more than 20 years ago the company has on IT-networks and Infrastructure specialized and is today one of the leading medium-sized IT system houses in Germany. Customers appreciate the continuous service: from consulting to implementation and procurement, CEMA offers all services from a single source and gives the customer the directly employed interface expertise benefits. The CEMA IT Service Center offers additional IT services, cloud and data center services, helpdesk and 24/7 support. The technical core competencies include client management, data management, server management, security & access, collaboration & mobility and infrastructure. As an experienced Virtualisierungsspezialist CEMA brings valuable project experience and dedicated industry expertise. The CEMA combines long-standing partnerships with renowned manufacturers such as Citrix Systems, Microsoft, HP, IBM, VMware, and DatCore.