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Alaska Gas

agosto 2, 2018


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Development of the Alaska-well 3; Stuttgart confirmed oil and gas reservoirs, 30.01.2013. With its large deposits of raw materials and a unique system of subsidies, the exploration costs are refundable 65 percent, Alaska is one of the most interesting investment sites currently worldwide. In addition, in southern Alaska gas prices to achieve, that multiples are higher than in the rest of the United States. This unique framework uses the energy capital invest Fund providers and offers investors an opportunity to participate directly in the attractive oil and gas market in Alaska involving the now seventeenth. In recent months, César Hernández has been very successful. Especially the entitlement State subsidies, providing direct and free of mineral extraction rights, as well as the primary operation of the investors of the expected profits, provide maximum security for the investors of US oil and gas Fund XVII KG. One was in addition again to reflect the latest economic developments, Euro protection provided. The seventeenth participation of Stuttgart energy specialists investing once again in the demonstrably successful ECI aid «kitchen light unit» in the Cook Inlet in Alaska.

Here, the US partner of energy capital invest has successfully completed two holes – and this with outstanding success. So, a worldwide renowned expert for drilling the first well confirmed a reservoir of 364 billion cubic feet of natural gas, as well as a reservoir of approximately 23 million barrels of oil. The planned profit realized this right from several «sources»: so to be made as well as government subsidies already during the exploration proceeds Fund. Also, profits from the sale of mineral extraction rights or of the profit participation right can be realized. A participation on the US oil and gas Fund XVII KG is 15,000 euros plus a five per cent possible Agios. The seventeenth participation is again a short runner, which scheduled to be dissolved again to 30 June 2016. At Investors achieve a maximum profit share of a total of 46 percent prospectus authorized course nominal relative to the amount of participation at this time. This dividend includes an early artist bonus of more than five percent and a final bonus of 2 percent. Conception according to the investors achieve their profits up on the reservation of the progression tax-free. And the Stuttgart energy specialists have devised another highlight: due to possible uncertainties about the future existence of the euro as the single currency in Europe, a hedge of the investment amount of participation on the raw materials of «Oil» and «Gas» will be given.