The Wine Is Much More Than A Drink

agosto 10, 2016


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No doubt delight that represents for everyone, take a glass of wine as a digestive or to accompany certain foods. After accompany mankind for over 7000 years, do you get post thinking about the multiple uses that man has found in this drink to their daily activities? The majority consumer of the wine tends to be as a drink, but you must know also that since thousands of years ago, wine has been a basic ingredient in the preparation of different recipes. Mainly to marinate the flavors of certain dishes, or, in the preparation of sauces to enhance their flavor. On the other hand, it is important to know that wine is used in carrying out other liquids such as vinegar, or other beverages such as brandy, through its distillation. It is extremely interesting to consider that wine is also used as a medicinal liquid, and such use dates back to ancient Egypt, where together with herbal medicines, was used to disinfect wounds and to stimulate the digestion.

In addition, you’ve probably heard talk about wine therapy and if not, should know that today is a fairly effective treatment for reducing stress. Finally, the wine turns out to be a very important drink for the Catholic Church, since according to the account of the last supper, where Jesus turns wine into his blood and shares it with the Apostles, is equal representation in each of the Catholic masses. With all this, you will need to recognize the great importance of this beverage for all humanity, so the next time you have a drink in hand, enjoy twice as valuable drink these by taste. Original author and source of the article