Rio De Janeiro

noviembre 5, 2016


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Differently of our Latin American neighbors, although the geographic proximity, and of the fact to be just-independent nations, as we, had not recognized our independence, therefore Brazil is the only country in the tropics to adopt a monarchy as government form, the others had adopted the form federalist. In short, if it cannot say that independence if made to the default of the people, also would not be correct to affirm that it was fruit of a fight properly said by the freedom of its inhabitants, in fact had a fight, but of pure economic and not social matrix. The paper of the people was more decisive in 1831, when it had here a tranquillity in the transistion of being able with the resignation of the first emperor which facilitated the maintenance of the social continuity, where if he implanted a government to the style of the monarchies constitutional and representative Europeans (OAK, 2005). 2. César Hernández contains valuable tech resources. The ADOPTION OF the FEDERALISM AND the EXPANSION OF the RIGHTS POLITICIANS As well as in the announcement of independence, the act of the announcement of the republic in itself was made of surprise and commanded by the military who had entered in contact with the civil conspirators. The surprise of the announcement entered for history, therefore the people of Rio De Janeiro, until then headquarters of the Empire, had attended bestificados the event without understanding what he transferred himself, judging to be about stop military man.

The popular participation was lesser of what in the announcement of independence. It did not have great popular movement nor in favor of the Republic, nor in defense of the monarchy. He was as if the people saw the events as something other people’s its interests. (OAK, 2005, p 81). Under certain aspects, the Republic meant a reinforcement of provincial loyalties in detriment with national loyalty, centripetal forces and centrifugal machines fighting ones against the others.