Controlling Change Management – Range

diciembre 23, 2014


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The «Make or Buy» question decides on the necessary know-how of the logistical level variant and type number as the rationalisation pressure. Everything indicates, to observe the interface between the supplier and customer, to consider in particular the optimum depth of performance. The competitive pressure forces to focus on the core business. What boils down to perceive only the activities themselves, based on the primary responsible for the success of the business core competencies. Supplier type module supplier, focusing on a section in the value chain and to subcontractors outsource upstream activities, instead of creating the entire product spectrum in in-house production, save complexity and coordination costs.

A multi-tiered production and delivery pyramid is created: the system providers with direct contact to the manufacturer are available on the first stage of such a pyramid. Due to the high value added system parts or modules is a geared to the consumption in General just-in-time delivery aimed at, what requires more votes between supplier and manufacturer. Often, a supplier in the vicinity to the manufacturing companies thus gets better opportunities. The subsequent stages of the supply pyramid occupy component or time, that are without direct contact with the customer and are coordinated by the system supplier. For a change of the organisational and information structures with improving operational performance, value and information chains range from rather reactive-oriented up to to radical proactive practices are based. CF.

Becker, Jorg: Change management and intellectual capital report ISBN 9783837094190. In connection with the variant and explosion of types of in the final products, the supplier programs are always extensive and complex. To reduce complexity, manufacturers must use more on cross-cutting and so process-oriented collaboration with selected suppliers, to reduce the overall cost and the problem solution from a single source receive. Finally the supplier know-how forms part of the required success potential, the manufacturers are instructed to stay efficient. Not when the final product decides the question of make or buy», but level logistics with the necessary expertise on the respective. In the course of such partnership agreements, the customer is then inbuilt, so completely assembled and tested system modules from a vendor, which is its single point of contact for this product and assumes all responsibility and coordination duties for. While this reduces the complexity and coordination costs, such supplier must be also ready to assume the associated economic risk. Each company must find out therefore the most appropriate balance between profound changes on the one hand, as well as ongoing changes in small steps, on the other hand. CF. Becker, Jorg: Change management and intellectual capital report ISBN 9783837094190. Jorg Becker