Competitive Companies

septiembre 8, 2018


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This is an example of what is happening in my company to make it in this highly competitive world, in our new way of working which is the Intelligent Business System one of the most important is the meeting, then describe briefly what these and the benefits we have to perform them. From the point of view of industrial relations, the best time man has lived, has been in the preindustrial era, where the work was done in small work units, called workshops. In the workshop, the work was circular, was working with others, allowing work in bloom all the powers of human being: physical, intellectual and spiritual. The meeting, was the crucible that represents the starting point for this kind of rescue work, which offers great opportunities for human work and integral development for workers and surrounding entities, such as: business, family, community and the entire country. The meeting is an event where they overlap, for a period of time, a group of people who share an affinity in different areas of human activity The meeting gives us a sense of belonging, makes us feel part of something, in this case, it makes us feel part of the change.

The meetings develop all social skills (negotiations, build consensus, to lose fear of social activity, etc.) .