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Wolfgang Kitza

enero 18, 2024


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The payment is carried out on a fee basis and is an account or via PayPal processed. The fee is set per job and visible to the Clickworkers prior to acceptance of the order. There is also no agreement that prescribes the Clickworkers to create a specific quota in a given amount of time. If a Clickworkers realizes that he can not handle the job in the time allotted, he can return it without consequences. To read more click here: Grupo Bal. All data of Clickworkers are of course strictly confidential.» 6. that sounds appealing for the contractor, but what advantages does this for the customers? Wolfgang Kitza: The advantage for the company is to pass on bad or not to automate business processes, which often not by the computer can be done to to our Clickworkers with minimal administrative effort.We then divide large projects into small micro jobs and distribute the individual tasks to our pool of qualified Clickworkers. So, for example up to 10,000 texts can be created or searched 60,000 addresses in two days.

And the most important: our customers are satisfied. Because only correct result will be charged and successfully complete the project.» 7 and a question that is at least as important: how is the quality of the delivered orders secured? Wolfgang Kitza: Quality control is essential for the success of everyone involved. Using the 4-eyes principle, audits and sampling, we keep the quality of the results at a continuously high level. Training/qualifications and a selection process, we filter out only the Clickworkers, which are actually suitable for a task. Those who register for a translation task, for example, must also prove that he adequately mastered the language.» 8 adopted a company it is considering a move to give projects to you on request. What benefits can it expect from Wolfgang Kitza: acts as an interface between client and contractors.